Arrive to the start line strong and confident!

Manually Add an Activity

No need to worry when automatic workout tracking isn’t an option. Now, you can manually input your workout details directly into your calendar, and avoid the hassle of uploading FIT files every time

Mark Workouts as Done

Track and update your training progress accurately and effectively, while the system automatically calculates stress levels. Enable your coach to make informed adjustments to help you achieve your goals

Ad Hoc Athlete Availability

Set your availability as needed, and let automatically notify your coach for you. Take charge of your schedule and discover the perfect balance between training and life commitments.

Workout Dashboard

On your dashboard, you can fit your training into your life and move workouts around to suit your busy schedule. See at a glance how you’ve stuck to your plan, and feel the instant gratification of turning your workouts green. Plus, you can reschedule missed workouts so that you can stick to your plan when life gets in the way.

Intensity Distribution

Easy tools to determine the weekly distribution of intensity and plan workouts accordingly, with ease. Our clear metrics show you the full picture of your progress so you’ll always know when to go hard, and when to take a rest.

No more guessing!

See your fitness progress in real-time after every completed workout. Your dashboard will show you the full picture of your progress so you’ll always know when to go hard, and when to take a rest. Fatigue tells you how much you have recently trained. When you’ve completed several days of hard workouts, your Fatigue will rise sharply — indicating that recovery should be prioritized. Chronic Training Load (Fitness) tells you how much you have trained historically. The longer you stick to your training plan, the more you’ll see an uptick in your Fitness. Form represents how much you have trained recently, compared with how much you have trained historically. When your Form rises just before race day, you know you’re ready to hit your start line strong.

Train by menstrual cycle

Female athletes can now select the first day of their menstrual cycle, optionally notifying their coach about it, to optimize their training schedule. The entire cycle will then be color-coded on their calendar, as per hormonal changes.

Rest day events

We use rest day events to coherently prompt you to include the necessary rest days in your training schedule. Improve your performance and prevent injuries, even more effectively!

Key indicators

Including lactate threshold for running, functional threshold power for cycling, T-Pace for swimming; and automatically tracked threshold history, to monitor your progress.

Test Events

Every 8 to 12 weeks we will remotely evaluate your physical condition. This is part of the onboarding process too, as we need a baseline to create the best possible plan for you.

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