Marathon and Ultra Marathon Coaching

Achieve your marathon and ultra marathon goals with! Michael van der Klei, the man behind Prorun, is a well-known Dutch ultra runner and running coach living in Ireland. He knows the ropes, and will help you to reach your goals as well!

As ultra marathon running gains popularity globally, Michael van der Klei remains a source of inspiration for aspiring athletes and enthusiasts alike. His story serves as a testament to the human capacity for resilience, determination, and the pursuit of extraordinary goals.



Michael's coaching career started shortly after he finished a coaching course with the Mayo Sports Partnership back in 2016. Being a long distance runner he got triggered by that course to start a social running group in Louisburgh.

Run Today Louisburgh was founded under the name NatuurlijkSportief in 2017 by Michael as he thought that there was a need to get people active in a more social way. Run Today kicked of with a first Couch to 5KM course in January of 2017 with only three attendants. Two of those three are still running with us on a regular base. Nowadays, many Couch to 5K’s further, we have a nice portfolio of programs and courses …. and of course ‘Couch to 5K’ is still part of it!!

It is Michael's mission to help you become a complete and lasting runner. He does this by sharing his experience and knowledge, so you can continue learn to become a technically better, stronger and faster runner. He has brought a lot of runners from the couch to 5km, to the 10km and to the half marathon. A good few runners completed the Connemarathon (Ultra), Dublin City Marathon and even the New York Marathon under his guidance!


As we deliver high standard remote marathon and ultra marathon coaching. This coaching includes, among other things:

  • Dynamic training plans
  • Rest day events
  • Automatic threshold detection
  • Smart algorithm driven but with a human touch
  • Automatic detection of records
  • Automatic upload your planned workout to your watch
  • Train by menstrual cycle
  • Backfill data from popular wearable devices
  • and many more .... is compatible with:

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